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the avengers + cards against humanity (insp.)

LMFAO the Hulk one tho

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Guardians of the Galaxy was amazing. <3

I need money to be able to watch it again.

(And this is how I fell in love with another gang of misfits… *sighs and tries to get “Hooked On A Feeling” out of her head again*)

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As some of you know, I have not been doing very well the last couple months. Because of that, my number of actual art posts have dwindled and my personal posts have skyrocketed, and at times I haven’t posted anything at all. And yet, except for a few exceptions, you guys have stayed with me on this blog and have sent tons and tons of support and love my way and I just can not thank you all enough! I wish I could send something to every single one of you but this is the best I can do!

This for all my followers, as well as future followers, who have and hopefully will continue to bare with me and all my malfunctions and annoyances!


  • You must be following me because this is a thank you to my followers and future followers!!!
  • Both likes and reblogs count!
  • Please reblog only once as not to annoy your followers.
  • You must have your ask box open so that I will be able to contact you if you win and you must be comfortable giving me your address so I can send you your stuff!

Grand prize winner will receive:

  • An 8 ft. long 4th doctor scarf
  • A John Watson styled sweater (It has been loved by me for a couple years so it is a little worn. Don’t be alarmed.)
  • A deerstalker hat
  • A 11th Doctor fez
  • A pair of Bee socks from my store
  • Sherlock Season 1 on DVD
  • Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hounds of the Baskervilles book
  • 8 Sherlock fanartist stickers (with a couple Sock Drawer stickers thrown in there.)
  • A poster of a map of Middle Earth with Gandalf on the reverse side
  • A Doctor Who poster
  • A Portrait of Ben C drawn by me!
  • A copy of ENtertainment weekly with an Article on Doctor Who in it
  • + a little note and doodle from me

5 runner up winners will receive:

  • 2 pairs of socks picked out by me from my store
  • A bunch of Sock Drawer stickers from my store
  • + a little note and doodle from me
  • (also if I see you are following my stores tumblr, the-sockdrawer, you will get an extra little something!)

The give away ends in exactly 3 weeks, on Friday September 19th.


Also a thank you to ma bb krfr (ohg-d) for helping me model some of the stuff.

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It took me 12 years to go frame by frame and realize that weird lag I had always noticed was Tulio pausing to kiss Miguel before pushing him off the cliff in a desperate attempt to save their lives…


The Road to El Dorado: Miguel & Tulio: The original script had them be lovers, calling each other ‘darling’ and such. Although the idea was shot down, they left in scenes where you can kind of tell what they were pushing for.”


You’re forgetting the scene in the beginning where they’re prisoners in the ship. Tulio is lifting Miguel so Miguel and look out, and Tulio briefly rubs his face against Miguel’s ass. Best. ever. 



fucking get me started


on my gay analysis

of El fucking Dorado


^This part is subtle and often missed. At the end, when Tulio and Miguel are reunited, they run to hug each other and Altivo interrupts just as Tulio has his hand on his pal’s waist.

All gifs here made by me because SACRIFICES! I actually have hundreds more to make but who knows if I’ll ever finish—especially since my hard drive kaboomed and I lost my perfectly organized clips.

Edit: AHH IMAGES FIXED. SO SORRY ABOUT THAT.  Some of you have been asking for further analysis. I direct you to a fic study I did on their relationship in the movie: The Magnificent.

"Our audience may be tolerant but not that tolerant” or what was it the producers said at the test screening with all the gay parts? Well, taking out the dialogue doesn’t make it any less gay. XD

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OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME x.x Das du sowas kannst!!!!!!!! Darf man dir auch Aufträge geben? *lach* AAAH WINTERJACKET (get it? bad pun alert? woop woop!) Ne, echt, sieht schon suuuper toll aus!

Ich lebe für bad puns. XDD Und vielen lieben Dank!
Man darf mir auch Aufträge geben (gehört zum Job, ich bin Schneiderin :3), aber die dumme Malerei tue ich mir so schnell nicht nochmal an. Das dauert so viele Stunden frei Hand, dass das am Ende wohl niemand zu zahlen bereit ist. X’D

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Codename: WinterJacket

Oh my god, it’s been three months? Well, uhm… I really intended to finish this quickly, but then summer happened and working on a longsleeved jacket during the hottest days of the year just exhausted me by the mere thought of it. -.-
Buuut now autumn’s about to hit the city and I really want to wear this! So I took some time (that I really should have used working on the two cosplays I need to have finished in two weeks but yeah) and started painting the one missing sleeve. Yesterday’s progress together with my motivational beer and some Iron Man can be seen here!

It looks way better in real life, the photos turn my lines a bit wonky. >_> And while I really love working with fabric paint I’ll be happy when it is finished - this takes sooo loooong!

Teaser | Part 1 | Part 2
(For all of you who are new to my blog - have a look, this is what I (should) do when I’m not smoking on a house boat or traveling through the country XD)

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i needed a break and just wanted to draw something quick and fun and because i’ve been marathoning sailor moon in the background at work for the past two weeks i decided to do Let’s Draw Sherlock and draw them as cute girls with cute outfitsss

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kassna said:
Chibi request - Loki? :3
namara-ashina replied:



I love the happy little trickster! :3

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Anonymous said:
I love the pilot, it's so great in its not so great way. And I love when people diss on the pilot or our interpretations of the pilot because it's so gay and obvious that it's like they look at the sun of gayness and go "Well, that doesn't count".
wearitcounts replied:

there is no reason on god’s green earth to open your mouth that wide for a fucking cherry tomato john like you weren’t even subtle


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