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It was fun! :D

We got the exclusive press presentation for the game, which was interesting for me at least (I guess I was the only “not hardcore Tales fan” (no offense!) XD turned out everyone there except me (we were… 9 lucky fans there?) had the Limited Edition already preordered, display cabinets of merchandise for all the games at home, all information and stuff; but I felt at home at once - gamers are most likely the same everywhere, JRPG or else ;)). The video part with “Be careful with the attachments you could equip your character with” made everyone laugh: “This is a serious scene. Yes. Please, try everything, but be careful. ;D”

We were allowed to ask questions later - Lin, they plan to publish other, even older Tales titles here if the fanbase in Europe keeps growing. He even asked if we introduced the games to our friends or colleagues and if they liked it and suggested to lend them our own games first to get them addicted. ;D

And all the time he held that plush Teepo in his arms, such a cutie. ID

Baba-san signed the artworks for us afterwards (and a poster - I need more walls!) and he was soooo happy when some of us had gifts for him (“Is that you in that cosplay? Oooh! It’s great!”). He even held them for the photos with us!

Soooooo this is more ‘Yay, Baba-san is a very nice person, so cute in all his fondness and pride for the Tales games’ than actual information, but considering that the game was released in Japan 2011 there are no real news anyway. :) I would buy it if I had the console. *sigh*


I met a bunch of nice people there and already got in contact with them online, that’s really cool!  <3 Had a lot of fun and now I want a PS3 to play it. :)

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